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Turban Day Inc. is on a mission to educate our fellow citizens about the Sikh Turban (dastār) which signifies piety and purity of mind.

Among the Sikhs, the Turban is an article of faith that represents equality, honour, self-respect, courage, and spirituality.

Unfortunately, the Sikhs in America and other parts of the world have experienced acts of violence, hate, and discrimination in recent years because of wearing Turban. Our aim is to educate all our world citizens about the Turban and its values so when they see any Sikh wearing a turban, they can recognize him and reach out to any Sikh for any kind of support or help needed.

We will continue our efforts to educate all world citizens about the Turban and its values which our Sikh Guru’s have given. Journey which started with our first event in 2015, with all your support and Guru’s blessings we now tie more than 5000 turbans on Turban Day Event during Vaisakhi and around 1000 turban on Pink Turban Day at Central Park, NY during the 5K run in association with Susan G. Komen foundation to educate people about turban and its values.


For every Sikh, Turban is our Pride, our Honour, our Legacy and the Crown gifted to us by Sikh Gurus to stand for Equality, Justice and Humanity and not just a piece of cloth which is tied around the head.

Turban is a quintessential part of Sikh identity and represents the most pertinent element of the Sikh Faith that teaches every one of us that all people are equal irrespective of caste, religion, country, thus signifying equal status. Turban give Strength and identity to a Sikh and induces the courage to face all odds, always ready to help and service the mankind.



With the aim of helping as many people as possible, we always lack of enthusiastic volunteers and we go where the poverty of the world to support and propagate the sense of life and sense of protection environment, improve the living conditions



We highly appreciate your support, Thanks!!

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